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Global youth-run NGO seeking to destigmatize mental illness and increase access to affordable quality mental healthcare. Join us!
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This article was written by Stephanie Chen.

Whether it be from job security, financial instability, college applications, virtual learning, or pandemic-era uncertainty, almost every person in my life is overwhelmed with stress. When difficult-to-solve problems induce such intense pressure, they may evolve into long-term stressors. …

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This article was written by Annabelle Kim.

Have you ever felt your phone ringing or vibrating only to pull it out and realize you have no new texts or calls? If you have, you are not alone. …

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The following statement was written by the members of Letters to Strangers’ Zimbabwe Chapter.

Letters to Strangers Zimbabwe (L2S+Zim) joins the world in commemorating the International Youth Day, which highlights the importance of global efforts’ encouraging the meaningful participation of young people. The theme for this year’s International Youth Day…

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This article was written by Anushka Shorewala.

The World Health Organization believes that 1 in 4 people, or 25% percent of the world, are affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. …

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This article was written by Hetvi Kamdar.

You pace back and forth in front of the mirror, examining every nook and corner of the image in front of you. And while you’re wholly uncomfortable as your vision distorts and mind runs at the speed of light, you imagine what life…

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This article was written by Lily Kangas.

Daydreaming is a completely normal and healthy activity, allowing people to slip into a world of their own from time to time. However, some people find themselves so immersed in their daydreams that they would rather spend their time with their heads in…

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This article was written by Lily Kangas.

Most people will get strep throat at some point. Usually, a case of strep means staying at home and taking a few days off of school or work until you feel better. …

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This article was written by Kirsten Soto.


Psychotherapy is not helpful or effective because it only involves talking to someone.


Getting help from a mental health professional is essential for one’s healing and growth, especially if someone doesn’t have anyone close to them to talk to. The purpose…

In honor of Minority Mental Health Month last July, Letters to Strangers founder and Moonglass Studios fine art photographer Diana Chao took a series of self-portraits to conceptually illustrate her own experience with mental illness.

I was depressed and bipolar starting in middle school, a fact which is met with…

This article was written by Diana Chao and published on May 22nd, 2017.

One of the most common mistakes people make about mental illnesses is assuming that bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder (BPD) are one and the same. Since there is much nuance and definitional ambiguity in mental health…

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